FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: TFCU Talks Heads to UC Davis, Embracing Identity

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TFCU Talks UC Davis is a free event. RSVP here for entry and complimentary dinner.

TFCU Talks Heads to UC Davis, Embracing Identity

DALY CITY, Calif, January 18, 2018TFCU Talks will be in Davis, California on Saturday, February 3, 2018. An affiliate of ABS-CBN International, TFCU Talks Davis will feature a lineup of top industry leaders to connect, inspire, and empower college students and young professionals to help them realize their full potential.

TFCU Talks Davis is co-presented by Mga Kapatid (My Brothers and Sisters) – a social, political, cultural, and academic organization for the Pilipino-American community at UC Davis.

The event takes place at the Wyatt Pavilion Theatre in UC Davis (Arboretum Dr, Davis, CA 95616) TFCU Talks Davis is an exclusive free event with limited seating – first come, first served. For all ticketing information, and to reserve your spot today, please visit

Last year, TFCU Talks visited several campuses across the U.S. bringing speakers who engaged and inspired the youth to aspire to be the best versions of themselves. Natalie Nuesca who attended the Carson State University talks said that “Everything they talked about definitely resonated with me, especially for those of us who are college students. We’re getting ready to enter the real world and it’s good to get advice from people like them.”

Daniel Lazo, President of Akbayan SJSU who co-presented the TFC Talks in San Jose, admitted that “The biggest thing for me is seeing the students here really feel connected, inspired, and empowered. It puts a light in my heart seeing how people glow up and see the kind of things they can accomplish because they are really agents of change.”

Desiree Chan, a student of San Francisco State University, shared how everyone has their own struggles, but that “what I learned from the talks is to always keep pushing forward and to never settle for less.”

2018 proves to be an even more exciting year as TFCU brings more of its rousing, uplifting, and stimulating TFCU Talks all over the country. First stop is at UC Davis where TFCU curated an exciting and fitting line-up of speakers and performers for “Embracing Identity:”



Christine Gambito, also known by her screen name “HappySlip”, is a Filipino American internet personality, actress, and comedian. Her videos have been viewed over 100 million times across the web. As a wife, mother to four kids, and an entrepreneur, Christine’s passion is to make a powerful and positive impact not only in every area of her life, but in the lives of others as well.

“As a child, my Filipino mom would always remind me to wear a half-slip with skirts. However, the way she would pronounce the phrase was misleading: “Your hap e-slip! Be sure to wear your hap e-slip!” So, I naturally went around calling the thing a ‘happy slip.’” – Christine Gambito on the origin of “Happy Slip.”


For more than three decades, Sydney Loyola has created dance pieces performed by cultural groups in the Philippines, Asia and Europe. Her dance method has garnered respect from peers as she emerged as the Bay Area’s ingenious dance practitioner with choreographies motivated through immersions in Philippine indigenous tribes. Loyola recognizes the importance of actively engaging youth, in order to create new generations of culturally invested community members.  Her dances inspire young people of Philippine heritage to establish a deeper connection to their roots.

Sydney Loyola is the Founding Artistic Director for American Center of Philippine Arts, and consultant for Philippine Cultural Night at various universities, including UC Berkeley, CSU East Bay, UC Merced, UC Irvine and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. (Photo courtesy of Sydney Loyola’s Facebook page.)


Born and raised in the South of Market in San Francisco, Rudy Corpuz Jr. spent his younger years in and out of prison. He turned his life around in 1994 when he founded United Playaz, a San Francisco-based violence prevention and youth development organization. They are trying to make the neighborhood a safer place to live in. United Playaz believes that “it takes the hood to save the hood”.

Rudy Corpuz, Jr. is the founder and executive director of United Playaz. UP provides a comprehensive range of services to prepare vulnerable youth for higher education, employment, and healthy living within a safe, nurturing, and collaborative environment. (Screenshot from BA’s “The Filipino Champions of SoMa.”)


Mike has spent his career helping underserved communities in Northern California make safer and healthier choices for their life. He continues to create safe spaces for people to think deeply about themselves and stand authentically. Mike is passionate about helping people live in authenticity and a life of purpose.

Mike Sagun has facilitated over 1,000 workshops about empathy and inclusivity with an emphasis on positive conflict resolution. Mike has educated over 500k community members all over Northern California, and in October 2017 he gave his first TEDx Talk.  (Photo courtesy of



Chapkis Dance Family is a dance team founded by Greg Chapkis in Suisun City, California. Established in 2004, Chapkis Dance Family started performing at local events but have since won and placed at some of the biggest dance competitions in the world, earning first place titles in the MegaCrew, Junior and Varsity divisions at Hip Hop International 2014 and 2016 as well as World of Dance competitions. They have also been featured on America’s Got Talent and most recently on NBC’s World of Dance TV show. Many of the dancers have appeared in movies, television shows and commercials, and have choreographed for recording artists, awards shows, and music videos.

Chapkis Dance Family is a professional dance company that seeks to create well rounded professional individuals to further contribute to the dance community.
(Photo courtesy of Chapkis Dance Family Facebook Page.)

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TFCU strives to connect, inspire, and empower millennials helping them realize their full potential in relation to their cultural identity. Their frontline project, TFCU Talks, is an opportunity where students and young professionals can connect with successful industry leaders who share their stories and experiences to empower the next generation.

For additional information about TFCU, please visit or follow TFCU on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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