FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: TFC Continues to Celebrate what is Unshakable, Unique and United in the Filipino American Community on October 21

TFC shines the spotlight on communities across the country who bravely represent and commemorate the spirit and ideals of the Filipino American in a country that continues to evolve.

TFC Continues to Celebrate what is Unshakable, Unique and United in the Filipino American Community on October 21

City of Carson, Calif., Oct 17, 2017 — Back-to-back-to-back events are happening on October 21 as TFC brings the best of Filipino American talent in celebration of Filipino American History Month.

The City of Carson culminates their Filipino-American History Month celebration with a special tribute to union leader Larry Itliong in the morning, followed by TFCU Talks ‘Rise Up’ in the afternoon.

The City of Carson holds a tribute for farm labor union leader Larry Itliong on October 21, starting with a parade around Veterans Park.

Various organizations will join the entire community in honoring the life’s work and legacy of Larry Itliong – a Filipino-American labor leader and organizer, starting with a tribute march at 9 a.m. around the vicinity of Veterans Park located at 22400 Moneta Avenue in Carson followed by a labor awards ceremony.

This year’s Larry Itliong Labor Awardees are Luisa Blue, elected Executive Vice President of SEIU International, and AFSCME Local 809, a City of Carson employees’ union.  Vocalist, music producer and TV personality Annie Nepomuceno will headline the performances after the parade. The event is free and open to the public.

Annie Nepomuceno will be performing at the Larry Itliong Day celebration in the City of Carson in California. Her work ranges from musical theater to being a featured vocalist of the Filipino-Amercian Symphony Orchestra.

City of Carson Mayor Albert Robles proudly shares that “the City of Carson is the first city to recognize the contributions of labor union leader Larry Itliong.  We are proud to have this annual event and proud to have been instrumental in the movement to get AB 7 passed in Sacramento to have October 25 recognized as Larry Itliong Day throughout California.”

In the afternoon of October 21, TFC’s student outreach, TFCU (TFC University) will host a free youth symposium and networking event called TFCU Talks ‘Rise Up’ at 3 p.m. at CalState Dominguez Hills University Theatre.  TFCU Talks is an opportunity for students and young professionals to connect with successful industry leaders who share their stories and experiences to empower the next generation.

“The ‘Rise Up’ theme was inspired by Larry Itliong’s leadership with the Delano Grape Strike of 1965.  What he did to start the farm labor movement in this country is a great example of standing up for what is right, using your voice, and owning your power to create positive change. We want to remind those who attend TFCU Talks Carson that they, too, have the power and ability to do the same with their talents, gifts, and passions,” said TFCU Program Manager Romeo Marquez, Jr.

Featured speakers for TFCU Talks “Rise Up’ in Carson are actress/philanthropist Monique Coleman, LA City Commissioner Joel Jacinto, and paratriathlete Rob Balucas. Musical artist Low Leaf and the Miniotics dance crew will be performing. Registration starts at 2:00 p.m. Click here for more information on TFCU Talks.

TFCU Talks at the CSU Dominguez Hills is a free event. Inspirational speakers are actress Monique Coleman, LA City Commissioner Joel Jacinto, and Paratriathlete Rob Balucas. Musician Low Leaf and the Miniotics dance crew will be performing. First 100 attendees get free swag bags.

Meanwhile, in the east coast, the National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA) will hold its 20th Anniversary Gala at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington, DC. The theme of their anniversary is NaFFAA 2.0: One Voice, Four Million Strong.

The National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA) is celebrating their 20th anniversary on October 21 with the theme: NaFFAA 2.0: One Voice, Four Million Strong. 

NaFFAA, the largest network of Filipino American organizations, will recognize its 20-year legacy and highlight its comprehensive vision to unite and amplify the voices of the four million Filipinos and Filipino Americans living in the United States.

“The significance of this momentous 20th Anniversary celebration cannot be understated,” says NaFFAA National Chairman Brendan Flores. “For NaFFAA to be able to commemorate twenty years of advocacy and leadership, in our nation’s capital, during Filipino American History Month, is a testament to the ingenuity and vision of our founders, the perseverance of our regional networks, and the emerging power of the greater Filipino American community. I invite everyone to come witness what an empowered community coming together looks like.”

During the Gala, NaFFAA will recognize and confer special awards to key Filipino American leaders, organizations, and corporate partners. NaFFAA will also showcase the collaboration between all generations: from students and young professionals, business leaders and elected officials, to community leaders and allies.

The gala will be hosted by Adobo Nation’s Ginger Conejero, and will have performances from the remarkable Broadway Barkada, a group of Filipino artists who seeks to elevate the talent of the Filipino on the global stage.

Adobo Nation’s Ginger Conejero (left) will emcee the 20th Anniversary Gala of NaFFAA at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington, DC. The artist collective Broadway Barkada will render musical performances for the evening.

For more information about the NaFFAA 20th anniversary gala, please visit their website at

Celebrate a culture that is unshakable, unique, and united with these trio of events on October 21.

Cinematografo International Film Festival

Cinematografo International Film Festival happens on November 9-12 at the AMC Dine-In Kabuki 8 Theaters in Japantown. (Photo courtesy of Richard Lao)

The Minority as the New Majority in Cinematografo International Film Festival

A New Festival Makes its Debut in the Melting Pot of Cultures

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct 17, 2017 — The very first Cinematografo International Film Festival (CIFF), a film exhibition series and networking event designed to elevate and showcase emerging Filipino and Filipino-American talent, films and television content to the world stage, was launched in a by-invitation presser at the AMC Dine-In Kabuki 8 in San Francisco’s Japantown last week. The initial Cinematografo is a project of the leading Filipino media and entertainment company ABS-CBN International. The press conference was attended by representatives from various Bay Area publications, the San Francisco Film Commission, and the Philippine Consulate in San Francisco.

(L-R) ABS-CBN International Marketing Specialist Mimi Dayo-Arguelles; Publicist Vince Johnson; Festival and Industry Forum Adviser Corey Tong; CIFF 2017 Executive Director John-D Lazatin; Chief of Staff at CA State Board of Equalization Genevieve Jopanda; CIFF 2017 Festival Director Miguel Sevilla; President/Founder or Larsen Associates Karen Larsen; ABS-CBN International Global Marketing Head Pam Castillo at the Cinematografo International Film Festival launch and press conference at the AMC Dine-In Kabuki 8 Theaters in Japantown. (Photo courtesy of Pia Lopezbanos-Carrion)

The vision and objective of Cinematografo was presented at the presser. Executive Director for CIFF 2017 John-D Lazatin says that “with all the content that we create, I believe that film is the strongest form. You’ve got narratives, documentaries, and shorts. Film is really a piece of art, and art is basically what we want to showcase.” Lazatin underlined that “Cinematografo’s objective really is to put the Filipino talent on the world stage.”

The Honorable Gregory Chew, San Francisco Arts Commissioner At Large, firmly stated that “we have to tell our stories, true stories, especially Asian films and stories. We’re 22 and a half million people in this country now and we don’t have enough voices.” That is why Chew strongly feels that Cinematografo is important.

San Francisco Arts Commissioner At Large Gregory Chew (left) being interviewed by the BA team said “We’re always invisible, especially when it comes to mainstream media. We have to tell our stories.” (Photo courtesy of Pia Lopezbanos-Carrion)

Festival Director Miguel Sevilla recognizes the importance of movies as a platform to present the realities of the present times. Sevilla weighs in when he says “two countries, an ocean apart and long-time allies, have now reached a turning point in their respective histories. It is almost irresponsible, nay impossible, to celebrate Philippine cinema, the Filipino, and the Filipino-American, and not recognize how these issues have permeated our art of storytelling. More and more, in this era of fake news and alternative facts, we are now looking to movies as a source of truth.”

(L-R) Festival Program Manager Eric Pugeda; ABS-CBN International Managing Director for North America Olivia De Jesus; ABS-CBN International Global Head of Corporate Affairs & PR Nerissa Fernandez at the Cinamatografo International Film Festival launch and press conference at the AMC Dine-In Kabuki 8 Theaters in Japantown. (Photo courtesy of Richard Lao)

(L-R) Emmy-award winning director and videographer Jeremiah Ysip; VP and General Manager for Northern California Joseph Peralta; Digital Partnership and Integration Head Connie Lopez; CIIF Writer and Screener Noel Nuguit at the Cinematografo International Film Festival launch and press conference at the AMC Dine-In Kabuki 8 Theaters in Japantown. (Photo courtesy of Richard Lao)

It is but fitting to premier Cinematografo International Film Festival in San Francisco where the city’s culture is diverse in terms of arts, music, food, and culture. According to CBS SF Bay Area, “the San Francisco Bay Area is home to some of the world’s most renowned film festivals. From intimate, small-town festivals to grand scale events featuring hundreds of movies and the biggest names in Hollywood.”

To have another festival like Cinematografo is not redundant, nor does it crowd the landscape. In fact, CIIF is a welcome addition because the festival offers the chance for these unique stories to be presented, and will help amplify the voices of the writers, directors, and producers who need an arena on which life, as seen through their lens, can unfold.

David Lamble, film critic for The Bay Area Reporter, argues that niche festivals are very important when he said that “it’s the festivals that give Bay Area film goers the chance to catch films that they otherwise couldn’t see.” Lamble adds that “for over half a century, people have been nurtured through film festivals to understand foreign films.” Festivals like Cinematografo is also very crucial for producers. According to Lamble, “this is their one shot to get an important, influential audience. Since the film is not likely to open in San Francisco, it’s the only shot you get. You better take advantage of it.”

(Front L-R) Consul Carlyn Monastrial of the Philippine Consulate in San Francisco; ABS-CBN International Managing Director for North America Olivia De Jesus; Chief of Staff at CA State Board of Equalization Genevieve Jopanda; and representatives from various media and publications at the special screening of Mikhail Red’s Bird Shot, shown at the Cinamatografo International Film Festival launch and press conference at the AMC Dine-In Kabuki 8 Theaters in Japantown. (Photo courtesy of Richard Lao)

Festival Highlights

Cinematografo happens on November 9-12 at the AMC Dine-In Kabuki 8 Theatres in Japantown. That will be a four-day exhibition of screenings, panels, and intimate industry networking that will feature narratives, documentaries, and short films from North America and the Philippines from Filipino and Filipino-American filmmakers.

The Festival opens with Ang Larawan (The Portrait), adapted from the musical play of the same title based on National Artist Nick Joaquin’s three-act play “A Portrait of a Filipino as an Artist.” Director Loy Arcenas, lead actress Rachel Alejandro, and composer Ryan Cayabyab will be attending the U.S. premiere on November 9.

There will also be conversations with three Filipino-American filmmakers who will preview their new films that are co-productions with Cinematografo Originals. Another highlight of the festival is a tribute to documentary filmmaker Ramona Diaz. Her latest, award-winning film Motherland (Sundance 2017), about one of the world’s largest maternity wards located in Manila, will be screened, followed by an intimate conversation about her work and prolific career as one of the most renowned Asian women documentary makers today.

There will also be industry forum and panels where influential and visionary Filipino, Asian-American and independent industry leaders and festival programmers can discuss Filipino and Asian American talent, international perceptions of the Philippines and Filipino culture, and to leverage common vision and share networks and collective resources.

The Minority as the New Majority

Raffy Lopez, COO of ABS-CBN International, stated that he “has always believed that films are powerful purveyors of culture. When moviegoers leave the theaters, we provide them with a little more understanding of who we are or we trigger a curiosity or hunger for them to know and learn more about our culture and all its complexities and nuances. If all these translate into more conversations about Filipinos, and into a more positive attitude towards them, then the mission of ABS-CBN burns brightly in Cinematografo.”

A discussion at the Festival will tackle the imperative “The Minority as the New Majority.” It will focus on Filipinos as an often “invisible minority” throughout the world, including in the Asian-American media and film landscape. It is time to let the voices of a new era of storytellers be heard and resonate around the world for these are stories that depict the human condition, the realities that surround humanity in these most interesting of times.





The CIFF is the premier event for Filipinos abroad to tell their stories, and is the platform to bring these films to the world stage.

The festival is an annual celebration of film and culture, highlighted by Cinematografo Originals – a co-production initiative to help filmmakers realize their stories on the big screen. Come see and hear the voices of a new generation.

Guided by its mission to elevate Filipino talent to the global stage, Cinematografo aims to foster, nurtuire, and inspire filmmakers from the Filipino diaspora. The festival will also serve as a platform to launch films funded and developed through one of its initiatives – Cinematografo Originals, and serves as a venue for Filipino filmmakers to express their passion for filmmaking, to share their stories of the world through a cinematic lens, and to connect them through an international industry and community network.


Cinematografo is named after the first movie theater in the Philippines that opened in August 1897. From this grand establishment was borne a rich heritage of celebrating films, and the venue introduced Filipinos to the custom of going to the movies.

Cinematografo International Film Festival is the newest film festival in San Francisco that aims to continue this tradition wherever Filipinos may be, and intends to draw a wider audience of Asian and American independent cinephiles and movie lovers across the San Francisco Bay Area and also internationally.

For more information, go to Follow Cinematografo on Facebook and Instagram to get updates.

20 Semi-Finalists from North America Compete to be on the Stage where Stars are Born!


99 Golfers Took to the Green for the  Inaugural TFC Unity Cup

Golf Tournament to Raise Funds for Bantay Bata (Child Watch)


ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Chairman of the Board Eugenio Lopez III tees off at the TFC Unity Cup Inaugural Golf Tournament on September 23, 2017 at the Chardonnay Golf Club in Napa Valley.                     (Photo courtesy of Haphi Llaneza)

AMERICAN CANYON, CA, September 27, 2017 ABS-CBN Foundation International hosted the debut of TFC Unity Cup golf tournament at the sprawling Chardonnay Golf Club in American Canyon, California on Saturday, September 23rd. The event raised funds for the rehabilitation of The Children’s Village in Norzagaray, Bulacan in the Philippines. The Children’s Village serves as a shelter for the abused children rescued by Bantay Bata (Child Watch), one of the programs of ABS-CBN Foundation International which is celebrating its 20th year.

ABS-CBN Foundation International Managing Director Jerry Bennett was happy to see a good turnout. He expressed gratitude to the golfers who showed up, “Your support today means so much to the children of Bantay Bata. After 20 years, we’ve done a lot but a lot still needs to be done to help the children especially in the areas of education, health and medical concerns, and their safety and protection.”


Team TFC Unity Cup take a moment for a souvenir photo of their first golf project. (L-R) Regional HR Director Budith Palmero, Marketing Specialist Mimi Dayo-Arguelles, AFI Marketing & Communications Manager Rea Lopez, Head for Entertainment Eric Pugeda, Global IT Head Cris Licudine, AFI Accounts Receivable Issa Gelasio. (Seated L-R) AFI Office & Development Manager Alma Magsambol, Marketing Specialist Haphi Llaneza, ABS-CBN Foundation International Managing Director Jerry Bennett.  (Photo courtesy of PLCarrion)

Participants in the initial TFC Unity Cup had fun with the various fundraising activities aside from the 18-hole two-man scramble format played by the teams. These included the Las Vegas Holes, Putting Contest, Mulligans, and a Raffle. There was also the Closest to the Line, Nearest to the Pin, and Hole-in-One Competitions. A two-year lease on a Ford Mustang was up for grabs in the Hole-in-One Competition.

The energy was tangible in the air and there was a general feeling of camaraderie. Sean Talmadge shared that “when I heard it was for that cause, I knew we should play in it, and it was really a very good golf course so it was fun to play.” Rene Fortaleza, who played in matching orange and yellow Hawaiian shirts with his son Michael, said “Our day here was great. Even if we’re not winning, we’re still happy we’re here and we contributed to a good cause.” Pedro Escalante affirms that “it’s a great cause. I follow all the help that’s been done for all the families and the kids in the Philippines. I support the cause every time I get the chance to help.”


Team Fortaleza with son Michael (left) and dad Rene expressed that it was an honor for them to be invited to participate in a good cause. On their matching shirts, Michael says “We just wanted to match. My dad liked this shirt, so I ended up buying another shirt like this. So, we ended up playing together wearing the same shirt. It’s pretty cool, it’s colorful.”

After six hours on the course, the tournament participants enjoyed cocktails and dinner with a short program hosted by Adobo Nation’s Ginger Conejero and ABS-CBN Head for Business Development Enrique Olives, who is also an exceptional golf player.

Minor awards and recognition were given out. Generosity overflowed as the players who won cash prizes went on to donate their winnings to Bantay Bata. 14-year old Ralph Kho who was the youngest player and the biggest winner of the night – he won twice – gave his cash prize back to ABS-CBN Foundation International. He disclosed, “I won for the putting contest and in the raffle.” When asked why he donated his prize money, Kho said “I just wanted to help out the village in the Philippines.”

(Clockwise from top left) ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Chairman of the Board Gabby Lopez (center) with friends Marivic Agoncillo, Jesse Barocco, MJ & Harry Beggs); Gabby Lopez and Tony Limgenco; (L-R) Lindsay De Guzman, Archie Gatan, Victor Guzman and Fred Santos pose with their swag bags; Victor Guzman is flanked by Liezel, Camille, Becca, Lyzette and Karen. (Photos courtesy of MJ Beggs and PLCarrion)

(Clockwise from left) Ginger Conejero and Enrique Olives host the program; Hole-in-One prize was a 2-year lease on a Ford Mustang; Archie Gatan receives his prize wine from Becca Palomino; Carlito Marifosque (2nd from left) and Ervin Reyes (right) win golf umbrellas. (Photos courtesy of PLCarrion)

Junipero Serra High School varsity golfer, and the youngest at the TFC Unity Cup, Ralph Kho won twice – for the putting contest and in the raffle. He donated his winnings to ABS-CBN Foundation International’s Bantay Bata. (Photo courtesy of PLCarrion)

ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Chairman of the Board Eugenio Lopez III was pleased with the pioneering efforts for the TFC Unity Cup Golf Tournament, and is looking forward to the future. Lopez invites all to attend the gala. “We have an awards presentation next week where we’re going to show the various things that Bantay Bata is doing. We hope that will generate a lot of engagement within the Filipino community and other people that are interested in helping the Philippines.” He adds, “We expect to do this every year. We expect that it will grow bigger and bigger every year. I hope that more people will support.”


In an interview with BA’s Jon Cana (right), ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Chairman of the Board Eugenio Lopez III (left) said that his advice to players was to “Go out there, hit the ball, and just have fun.”

Winners for the major awards and competition will be awarded at the TFC Unity Cup Gala Awards Night on Saturday, September 30th at the South San Francisco Conference Center at 255 South Airport Boulevard in South San Francisco California.

The awarding ceremony starts at 4:30 P.M. followed by cocktails, dinner and dancing. Entertainment will be provided by the a cappella sensation The Filharmonic and the ultimate performer Mr. Gary Valenciano.

Tickets for the Gala Night are $70 inclusive of dinner and a fun-filled evening. Help build lives and protect children at risk. For more information, email or call 1-800-527-2820.

20 Semi-Finalists from North America Compete to be on the Stage where Stars are Born!

Tawag ng Tanghalan, the “all-time favorite search for outstanding amateur talents,” now goes global. Online voting is ongoing until September 22, 2017 at


 20 Semi-Finalists from North America Compete to be on the Stage where Stars are Born!

DALY CITY, CA, September 11, 2017 Filipinos love to sing. Some like to sing in front of a crowd, while there are those who like to sing in the shower. Some sing great karaoke, and there are those who sound exceptional even a cappella.

Filipinos love singing contests. They like joining these contests, and most especially, they like watching singing shows. There is something about watching people compete, and then finding someone from among the many contenders whom they will choose to cheer for that attracts the Filipino. Frankly, being addicted to singing contests is a universal trait. According to Gerlinda Grimes of, “When we watch singing shows, we get to imagine ourselves on stage. Almost all of us, at one time or another have belted out a song in the shower or crooned into a hairbrush.”

Most importantly, Filipinos – and the world in general – love dreamers. It can be addicting to follow stories of regular folks who had lofty goals and learn how they beat the odds to attain their own “unreachable stars.” Ann Powers of NPR’s The Record says it well when asked why we like singing talent shows so much. Powers said, “more and more dreamers will try to convince viewers that they matter; more stereotypes will be asserted, broken, redesigned. And we on the other side of the screen will think, ‘I could maybe do that.’” Grimes shares the same sentiment when she wrote “We all dream of what it might be like to be stars. Singing shows are popular because they can and do open doors for extraordinary dreamers.”

Here is the place where all those things Filipinos love to do converge to provide the ultimate engagement for contestants and viewers alike. This is Tawag ng Tanghalan (Call of the Stage).

Long before there was “American Idol,” “The Voice,” or “America’s Got Talent,” the Philippines already had its very own talent search in Tawag ng Tanghalan. It first aired in 1953 until 1972, and was revived from 1987 to 1988. It is on this stage that hopefuls get to live their desires and dreamers get their wishes fulfilled. This is where regular, ordinary people get the opportunity to become stars. The show gave birth to OPM (Original Pilipino Music) legends like Edgar Mortiz, Pepe Pimentel, Diomedes Maturan, and superstar Nora Aunor, among others.

At present, Tawag ng Tanghalan is a segment on the popular noontime show “It’s Showtime.” Now, as it was then, Tawag ng Tanghalan remains to be the “all-time favorite search for outstanding amateur talents.” The talent search has expanded since auditions have been held in six (6) regions across the world: Region 1–North America, Region 2–Europe, Region 3–Middle East, Region 4–Hong Kong/Singapore/Malaysia, Region 5–Japan/Taiwan/South Korea, and Region 6-Australia/New Zealand/Papua New Guinea/Guam/Saipan. This is now Global Tawag ng Tanghalan.

After the judges reviewed hundreds of auditions across North America, the competition is now down to 20 semi-finalists from different parts of the U.S. and Canada. These are 20 dreamers, with their distinct voices and their individual stories, who are vying to make it to the North America Regional Cluster Finals. But before that, they need to get the most votes from viewers and judges in the semi-final round. Audiences around the world get the chance to root for their favorites by voting online.

Meet the 20 North America semi-finalists below, in no particular order, and follow their journey to the next round of Global Tawag ng Tanghalan.

Marie Joy Amaro is originally from Cebu and is now teaching in Texas. She wants to pursue her passion for singing, share her talent with others, and help her parents if she gets the jackpot.
Jean Pauline Aytona is originally from Manila and has now made Ontario, Canada her home. She joined Global Tawag ng Tanghalan because singing is really her passion and wants to be a singer someday.
Joshua Bation is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is a simple guy with simple wants. He simply wants viewers to enjoy his music.

Rachel Bergado is from California, while Urdaneta City in Pangasinan is her hometown. She is competitive and would like to keep challenging herself, aside from showcasing her talent. She also loves the Philippines and would like the chance to visit the motherland.

Jeena Dimaandal is from San Francisco, California and her hometown is La Union. The reason she joined Global Tawag ng Tanghalan is to showcase her talent and love for music to the Philippines and to the whole world.

Denise Gonzales is from Quezon City, and now resides in California. Singing is her passion and she dreams of touching the hearts of people through the message of her songs.
Danielle Jade Laganson is born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta in Canada but her parents are from Bohol. She believes Filipinos outside the Philippines deserve the same chance to showcase their talents and shine. She feels God gave her talent in singing to share it with others.
Louise Lagunda resides in San Diego, California but is from Taytay, Rizal. She wants to step up in her passion for singing, and hopes to reconnect with her sister who is a contestant in the same competition in the New Zealand Region.
Michelle Macasero is from Antioch, California. Both her parents are from Cebu City. She would love to sing on the big stage in front of her family and friends, and make them proud.
Alexis Magsambol is from San Diego, California and her hometown in the Philippines is Cavite. Being part of the semi-finals is important because she wants to share her passion for music with all, and wants to make her family proud.

Jeline Mauricio is originally from Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija and is now residing in Toronto, Ontario in Canada. He would like to inspire other people through his music.
Abigail Natnat’s hometowns in the Philippines are Tarlac (her mother’s side) and Pangasinan (her father’s side). She is from Ontario, Canada. Abigail believes Global Tawag ng Tanghalan is a great way to gain confidence and express her love for music. Also, her parents want to hear her sing.
Steven Joseph Paysu is from Fontana, California but was born in Tondo, Manila. He just wants to share his talent as a singer.
Adriana Perry
hails from Temecula, California. Singing is her passion and she would like to make a career of it in the future. She feels Global Tawag ng Tanghalan is a good opportunity to share her passion and connect to her Filipino culture.
Jamil Pidlaoan is from Daly City, California and is originally from Valenzuela, Bulacan. Her childhood dream is to be a singer and to perform in front of many people. She would like to perform OPM (Original Pilipino Music) and teleserye songs.

Venus Therese Ramos was born in Guagua, Pampanga but now calls Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada her home. She feels Global Tawag ng Tanghalan would be a great chance to show her talent while representing her Canadian side and her Filipino pride.
Paul Alfredson Reyes is from Toronto, Canada. His hometown in the Philippines is Cainta, Rizal. He has always had a passion for singing and would like to be a singer one day.
Elizabeth Sooy is from New Jersey, born and raised in the U.S. Her mother is from Cebu. She wants to share her music and inspire other people. Lizz has never been to the Philippines, and her mother has never been back since giving birth to her. Lizz would like to take her mother to visit Cebu.
George Villanea is originally from Cebu City, and is now living in Los Angeles, California. He wants to make his family proud, especially his two great aunts in Cebu who raised him. He also hopes that he would get the chance to see his father in the Philippines whom he has not seen for 26 years now.
Jing Wenghofer is from Chicago, Illinois. The reason she joined Global Tawag ng Tanghalan is simply because she likes to sing. This is what she does as a music director and a music teacher.
To become a Global Tawag ng Tanghalan winner is a prestigious honor accorded to those who survive the rigorous auditions. These 20 hopefuls are out to heed the calling of their hearts.  Of these 20, the top 10 will move on to the North America Regional Finals to be held on October 14, 2017 at the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Online votes from the public, and points from the judges will determine who will make the cut. The public is encouraged to go online and vote for their favorites at  Online voting is ongoing until September 22, 2017.


For more information, go to or  You may also connect with fellow global Kapamilyas by following @KapamilyaTFC and @KapamilyaGlobalPR on Twitter and Instagram.