UST Alumni Homecoming & Thomasians USA 31st Anniversary Dinner-Dance Celebration

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University of Santo Tomas Alumni Homecoming &
Thomasians USA 31st Anniversary
May 5, 2018

Preparations are underway for the 2018 University of Santo Tomas Alumni Homecoming and Thomasians USA’s 31st Anniversary Celebration. This year’s event will bring together alumni,
family and friends, and alumni are full of excitement in anticipation of celebrating their beloved alma mater’s success. The Royal and Pontifical University of Santo Tomas is recognized as one
of the top 200 universities in Asia and one of the top 1000 universities in the world.

In this year’s celebration, Thomasians USA will honor the memory of Alice P. Bulos, co-founder of Thomasians USA and its President for many years. Tita Alice, as she was popularly called,
was a fierce advocate of Educational Empowerment. During her administration, Thomasians USA partnered with Philippine International Aid in the “Off-the-Street/Off-to-School” program
and provided scholarships to economically disadvantaged youths to prepare better future forthem and their families. The organization has also participated in San Mateo County’s Partnership-in-Education program and has provided financial merit awards to graduating
Filipino-American high school students at Westmoor High School in Daly City. Another potential partnership with another school, Jefferson High School also in Daly City, is currently in
the pipeline. Thomasians USA is also a partner of the Alliance for Community Empowerment (ALLICE) and their community education volunteers. Alumni are encouraged to visit ThomasiansUSA page Facebook page at page at

Malayo Man Narating Pusong UPSE

Join us in the first ever UPSE reunion in the USA this summer 2018.

When: July 6, 2018 (Friday) to July 7, 2018 (Saturday)
Where: Las Vegas, Nevada
July 6, 2018 Early Reception Dinner @ Ocean One Bar and Grille followed by a Party Bus Tour along the Las Vegas Strip (complete with wine/beer/cocktails, Kodakan and music.)
July 7, 2018 Dinner / Reunion@ Stoney’s Rockin’ Country
Cost: $ 115.00/person paid before May 1, 2018 ($130.00 after May 1), which will cover the Party Bus Tour (including all drinks and gratuity) on July 6, Reunion Buffet Dinner and Celebration on July 7, a Reunion T-shirt, Event videography/photography and memorabilia, incidentals.
Cost WILL NOT COVER the Friday optional Reception Dinner, other meals, hotel and airfare/local transportation.
Alumni may opt to stay at Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas with Room Rate @ $ 159 per night + $35 resort fee per night + 13% Las Vegas Tax.
Please email or call UPSE’s contact person below to confirm your interest and attendance. Contact Person: Jay Ortega (562) 676-7735 (UPSE Batch ’83) or Email:

*** FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: TFC Hosts NaFFAA Youth Ambassadors in an Afternoon of Informal Learning


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TFC Hosts NaFFAA Youth Ambassadors in an Afternoon of Informal Learning

Adobo Nation Host & Producer Ginger Conejero (back row, left), TFCU Program Director Romeo Marquez (2nd from right), and BA Executive Producer Troy Espera (right) were in a round-table discussion with NaFFAA Executive Director Jason Tengco (left) and the 12 youth leaders from NaFFAA’s “Empowering Pilipino Youth through Collaboration” Ambassadors Program.

DALY CITY, Calif, February 1, 2018 TFC hosted the National Federation of Filipino American Associations’ (NaFFAA) visiting youth ambassadors when the latter visited the Daly City headquarters recently for an afternoon session on professional development and mentorship.

According to NaFFAA Executive Director Jason Tengco, the 12 youth leaders are part of the organization’s Empowering Pilipino Youth through Collaboration (EPYC) Ambassadors Program. “They come from different regions all over the United States like Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, Washington state, and others. They’re here (in the Bay Area) for the leadership summit.”

The EPYC Program aims to develop and engage the nearly one million Filipino American youth in the United States around the three main areas of: (1) building the community’s leadership pipeline; (2) increasing civic engagement; and (3) strengthening local advocacy initiatives.

The youth leaders also did several site visits to companies like Google, and participated in strategic planning sessions focused on professional development.

For the round-table session at TFC, BA Executive Producer Troy Espera, TFCU Program Director Romeo Marquez, and Adobo Nation Host and Producer Ginger Conejero sat in with NaFFAA’s youth ambassadors to share their professional journeys and to impart some life lessons.

(R-L) Adobo Nation Host & Producer Ginger Conejero, TFCU Program Director Romeo Marquez, and BA Executive Producer Troy Espera took turns providing career insights and professional advice to NaFFAA’s 12 youth ambassadors. Also in attendance was NaFFAA Executive Director Jason Tengco (4th from right).
NaFFAA’s 12 youth ambassadors from across the U.S. were guests at the TFC studios in Daly City for a round table discussion. This was part of the leadership summit of NaFFAA’s “Empowering Pilipino Youth through Collaboration” (EPYC) Ambassadors Program.

The youth leaders were all fired-up after more than an hour of inspirational talk. Conejero observed that “communities are embracing diversity more. This is such a promising time and we should not lose sight of that despite challenges. We are representative of what America’s future looks like.”

Joseph Malasa of Charlottesville, Virginia, and a junior at University of Virginia, echoed the same thought when he admitted “it really is a great time for Filipino Americans because when I was younger I was kind of embarrassed about the things that made my parents unique. But now, entering adulthood, I’m going to celebrate myself, celebrate my culture.”

Espera emphasized the importance of finding a mentor. “Now that you are starting your careers, find that special someone who can be really honest with you about the work that you’re putting out and take their advice to heart.”

Marijo Manaois, a senior at University of Washington, conveyed that “It’s really engaging to interact with those seasoned individuals, excelling in their fields. As youth trying to emerge and trying to create the pathways for our own, hearing these words of advice is really empowering.”

Marquez’ message likewise resonated with the group when imparted, “You guys are here as messengers to reach out to the community. What we can do is drop a light, plant that seed, and we hope that people like yourselves can let that ripple to impact the greater community.”

UCLA sophomore Justin Suarez was grateful for the afternoon session at TFC when he said that “This helps us understand how we, as Filipino Americans in today’s world, can work together with our elders, our peers, and our community so we can build ourselves up and promote that on a national level.”

Click here to learn more about NaFFAA’s Empowering Pilipino Youth through Collaboration Program.

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