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Maybe This Time

Maybe This Time Poster - smaller file

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“Maybe This Time” Music Video performed by Sarah Geronimo



Steph Asuncion (Sarah Geronimo) and Tonio Bugayong (Coco Martin) were once in love. Back then, she was a young girl who wanted a simple life and he was older, more ambitious than she was. Tonio was a small town guy who wants to board a ship to provide for his family’s furniture business. Sarah was a Manila girl who regularly spends the summer with her family in the province. What might have been a sweet relationship ended sourly when Tonio left without saying goodbye. Steph was heartbroken and it taught her to dream bigger to be worthy of love.

 Seven years later, Steph is now a PR Specialist who is up for a promotion. Her boss, Monica Valencia (Ruffa Guitirrez) assigns her to a special client, her boyfriend. Monica wants Steph to take care of the PR for bar that he is putting up and also to help him get accustomed to the kind of world that she belongs to. Steph is convinced that she can accomplish the task until she finds out the Monica’s boyfriend is Tonio. Steph focuses on the project despite the bitter feelings that she still harbors for Tonio. She needs the promotion for her family and to prove her worth.

 Steph rejects Tonio’s sincere apology and offer of friendship because she tries so hard to avoid talking about the past. All she wants to do is to change Tonio into the kind of boyfriend that would suit her boss, Monica. But as she transforms him, she remembers how she was in love with him before. She knows that if she gives in to her feelings for Tonio, her dream job will be put on the line and all her transformation and hard work will be meaningless.

 This is a story between two people who will be reminded about the importance of being true to one’s self in order for true love to happen.