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Praybeyt Benjamin


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After defeating the terrorists, the once simple and humble Private BENJAMIN “BENJIE” SANTOS VIII (Vice Ganda) is now the superstar Colonel Benjie Santos.

Benjie is assigned under a new commanding officer, General WILSON CHUA (Richard Yap). When one day a new terrorist group emerges to wreak havoc, he decides to attack impulsively. Disobeying Wilson, he leads the soldiers into defeat. Worse, his beloved grandfather, retired GENERAL BINO, got killed in combat.

Now under strict disciplinary probation, Benjie has to obey whatever Wilson commands him to do. He is then given a secret mission. He needs to get from Wilson’s elusive and mischievous son BIMBEE (Bimby Aquino Yap) the information on the three active bombs planted in the country. Only Bimbee knows the whereabouts of such explosive bombs. Nobody, not even Wilson, can make the mischievous kid squeal the information.

Benjie accepts the mission. But once he is able to get the information, he will find the bombs and avert the impending danger on his own and for his own glory.

Benjie finds it difficult to gain Bimbee’s trust. He also finds himself clashing with the pesky housemaid GUNDINA (Alex Gonzaga). However, as he gets to know the kid, he realizes that Bimbee is a child deprived of love from family – something that he has forsaken in his quest to be on top again.